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2016 Intermediate/Junior prizes

Junior Pairs Championship : Dr C R Johnson Cup

Barbara Hutton and Geraldine Scanlan

Junior Most C Points

Wayne Adam

Junior Individual Ladder : John Lawson Plate

Geraldine Scanlan

Junior Reverse C Points : Edna McDonald Cup

Barbara Hutton

Alma Delahunty Pairs : Edna McDonald Cup
Highest score over all divisions: 67.45%

Barbara Hutton and Allan Lockhart

Junior Summer Pairs

Andrew Reynolds and Rens Meerhoff (overseas)

Junior Easter Pairs

Allan Lockhart and Wayne Adam

Junior Autumn Pairs

Wayne Adam and James Airey

Junior Winter Pairs

Geraldine Scanlan and Andrew Reynolds

Junior Welcome Pairs

Neil Rodgers and John Mathews

Junior Congress Pairs

Geraldine Scanlan and Wayne Adam

Junior President’s Pairs

Barbara Hutton and Andrew Reynolds

Junior Spring Pairs

Pat Johnston and Robyn Gilchrist

Junior Christmas Pairs

Lauren Uitermark and Andrew Reynolds

Intermediate Pairs Championship

Genevieve Webb and Tim Webb

Fred Peters Memorial Cup : Highest score 77.41%

Tim Webb and Genevieve Webb

Grants Scotch Whiskey Cup : Most C points

Genevieve Webb

Halliday Cup : Reverse C Points

Tim Webb

Trix Robertson Plate : Individual Ladder

Mary Brady

Alma Delahunty Pairs, Intermediate

Mary Brady and Tim Webb

Intermediate Summer Pairs

Sally Jackways and Grant Walker

Intermediate Autumn Pairs

Genevieve Webb and Tim Webb

Intermediate Spring Pairs

Genevieve Webb and Grant Walker

Intermediate Two Night Match

Catherine Delahunty

Intermediate Christmas Pairs

Catherine Delahunty and Kate Aisi

Intermediate Presidents Pairs

Isolde Fechner and Ron McMurran (absent)

Intermediate Easter Pairs

Gretchen Kivell and Case Heyneman

Intermediate One Night Match

Denise Carter and Case Heyneman

Intermediate Congress Pairs

Catherine Delahunty and Roger Paul