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Abern, Wendell & Fiedler, JarvisBridge is a Contact SportStories
Ackerley, ChrisBridging of TroyStories
Ackerley, ChrisHistory of the Otago Bridge Club2 copiesOBC
Ackerley,ChrisA History of the Otago Bridge Club2 copiesGeneral
Alder, PhillipGet smarter at bridge2 copiesGeneral
Amsbury, JoeBridge Conventions Doubles in Competition Bidding
Anderson, Ron & Zenkel, SabinePreemptsBidding
Anderson, RonLebensohl convention completeBidding
Anderson, RonPreempts from A to ZBidding
AnonThe Laws of Contract Bridge 1963Directing
Antoff, TheoTANC Bidding: the OffensiveBidding
Arnold, PeterBasic BridgeGeneral
Auken, SabineI Love This Game2 copiesGeneral
Axelsen, Ib & Dam, VillyMatchpoint TricksPlaying
Axelsen, Ib & Villy DamMatchpoint TricksPlaying
Barrow, RhodaAcol-ites quiz2 copiesBidding
Bergen, Marty & Tim BourkeNegative Doubles for AcolBidding
Bergen, MartyBergen for DefenseDefence
Bergen, MartyBetter bidding with Bergen4 copiesBidding
Bergen, MartyDeclarer Play the Bergen WayPlaying
Bergen, MartyIntroduction to negative doublesBidding
Bergen, MartyMore Points SchmointsGeneral
Bergen, MartyNegative doublesBidding
Bergen, MartyPoints SchmointsGeneral
Bergen, MartyTo Open, or Not to OpenBidding
Berkowitz, DavidPrecision todayPrecision
Berthe Robert & Lebely NorbertCard Play in No TrumpsPlaying
Bird, David & Forrester, TSecrets of Expert DefenceDefence
Bird, David & Cocheme, SimonBachelor BridgeStories
Bird, David & Bourke, TimAvoidance PlayPlaying
Bird, David & Bourke, TimDeceptive Play Playing
Bird, David & Bourke, TimElimination PlaysPlaying
Bird, David & Bourke, TimEntry ManagementPlaying
Bird, David & Bourke, TimPlanning Notrump ContractsPlaying
Bird, David & Bourke, TimReading the CardsPlaying
Bird, David & Bourke, TimSafety Plays - Test Your Bridge TechniquePlaying
Bird, David & Bourke, TimSaints & SinnersStories
Bird, David & Bourke, TimThe Magic of Bridge2 copiesPlaying
Bird, David & Bourke, TimTournament AcolBidding
Bird, David & Bourke, TimTournament ACOL A system for winnersBidding
Bird, David & Bourke, TimTournament Acol, A System for WinnersBidding
Bird, David & Bourke, TTournament AcolBidding
Bird, David & Forrester, TSecrets of Expert Card PlayPlaying
Bird, David & Hoffman, MartinInspired Card PlayPlaying
Bird, David & Klinger, Ron Kosher Bridge2 copiesStories
Bird, David & Klinger, RonKosher Bridge 2Stories
Bird, David & Klinger, RonThe Rabbi's Magic TrickStories
Bird, David & M SmithDeceptive Card Play (BTS 5)Playing
Bird, David & M SmithEliminations and Throw-Ins (BTS 4)Playing
Bird, David & M SmithPlanning the Play in Notrump (BTS 7)Playing
Bird, David & M SmithReading the Cards (BTS 10)Playing
Bird, David & M SmithSafety Plays (BTS 3)Playing
Bird, David & M SmithSqueezes Made Simple (BTS 9)Playing
Bird, David & M SmithTricks with Trumps (BTS 2)Playing
Bird, David & N SarantakosBridge Hands to make you laugh…and cryGeneral
Bird, David & Sarantakos, NikosFamous Bridge RecordsBidding
Bird, David & Smith, MarcDefensive SignallingDefence
Bird, David &HelgemoBridge with ImaginationPlaying
Bird, David52 Great Bridge TipsGeneral
Bird, David52 Great Bridge Tips on Declarer PlayPlaying
Bird, DavidAll Hands on DeckStories
Bird, DavidAnother 52 Great Bridge TipsGeneral
Bird, DavidBeaten by The Masters2 copiesGeneral
Bird, DavidBridge Over Troubled WatersStories
Bird, DavidBridge Squeezes for EveryonePlaying
Bird, DavidCelestial CardplayStories
Bird, DavidDefensive Signalling at BridgeDefence
Bird, DavidDivine InterventionStories
Bird, DavidHaving Nun, PartnerStories
Bird, DavidHeavenly ContractsStories
Bird, DavidLearn to Play Winning BridgePlaying
Bird, DavidNo Trump ContractsPlaying
Bird, David Off Road Declarer Play2 copiesPlaying
Bird, DavidOff-Road Declarer PlayPlaying
Bird, DavidPractise Your Defence against Pre-emptsDefence
Bird, DavidPractise Your Suit CombinationsPlaying
Bird, DavidRobin Hood's Bridge Memoirs2 copiesStories
Bird, DavidSomehow We Landed in Six No-TrumpStories
Bird, DavidTen Ways to Improve Your Bridge - Master Bridge SeniorsBidding
Bird, DavidThe Abbot and the Sensational SqueezeStories
Bird, DavidThe Abbot's Great ScarificeStories
Bird, DavidThe Bridge Adventures of Robin Hood2 copiesStories
Blackwood, EasleyHuman element in bridgeGeneral
Blackwood, Easley The complete book of Opening LeadsPlaying
Blackwood, EasleyWinning bridge with BlackwoodPlaying
Boeder, JThinking About IMPsGeneral
Boehm, AugieDemon Defense & Demon DoublingDefence
Boehm, AugieThree No Trump in DepthGeneral
Boehm, Augie Three Notrump in DepthBidding
Bourke, Tim & Hoffman, MartinImagination & Technique in BridgePlaying
Bourke, Tim & Smith, MarcCountdown to Winning BridgePlaying
Bourke, TimMaastricht ChallengePlaying
Brashler, TedSweep Q-BidsBidding
Brecher, E. & D. RothFocus on Hocus-PocusPlaying
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine January 2019Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine April 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine April 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine April 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine August 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge magazine August 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine December 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine December 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine December 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine February 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine February 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine January 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine July 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine July 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine July 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine June 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine June 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine June 20182 copiesMagazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine March 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine March 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine March 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine May 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine May 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine May 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine November 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine November 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine November 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine October 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine October 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine October 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine September 2016Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine September 2017Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge Magazine September 2018Magazine
Bridge, MrBridge MagazineJanuary 2018Magazine
Bridge, Bridge players encyclopediaGeneral
Brock, Raymond & SallyBridge Club Player's Quiz Book2 copiesGeneral
Brock, Raymond & SallyBridge Quiz BiddingBidding
Brock, Raymond & SallyBridge Quiz DefenseDefence
Brock, Raymond & SallyExpert Tuition for Tournament BridgeBidding
Brock, RaymondExpert DefenceDefence
Brock, SallyDefensive PlaysDefence
Brock, SallyLeading Questions in Bridge2 copiesPlaying
Brock, SallyStep-by-Step OvercallsBidding
Brock, SallySuit Combinations in BridgePlaying
Brown, JohnWinning defenceDefence
Brown, JohnWinning tricks3 copiesPlaying
Browne, D.Improvers' BridgeGeneral
Browne, DerrickBenjamin TwosBidding
Burkoff, StanleyTall Bridge TalesStories
Butts, JoanPlay Bridge: A Workbook for the Absolute BeginnerPlaying
Cashmore, StephenPractise Your FinessePlaying
Coffin, George SBridge perfect plays and match point waysPlaying
Coffin, George SBridge play from A-ZPlaying
Coffin, George SBridge play; four classicsGeneral
Coffin, George SEnd plays2 copiesPlaying
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, RhodaAll about AcolBeginner
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, RhodaBasic Acol2 copiesBasic
Cohen, Ben & Lederer, RhodaContract Bridge for beginnersGeneral
Cohen, Ben and Barrow, RhodaYour Lead, PartnerPlaying
Cohen, BenAcol without tears2 copiesBidding
Cohen, BenAll about Acol9 copiesAcol
Cohen, BenBasic AcolAcol
Cohen, BenContract bridge for beginnersBasic
Cohen, BenYour lead, partner2 copiesDefence
Cohen, Larry & Davis, LizBridge Below the BeltStories
Cohen, LarryFollowing the Law2 copiesBidding
Cohen, LarryLarry Cohen's Bidding ChallengeBidding
Cohen, LarryTo bid or not to bid4 copiesBidding
Colchamiro, MelHow You Can Play Like an ExpertPlaying
Cole, BillFishheadsStories
Com, IraPlay bridge with the Aces3 copiesPlaying
Corbett, AndreaPassionate obsessionStories
Crawford, RichardMen, women and bridgeStories
Crawford, RichardMen. Women & BridgeStories
Crawford, VirginiaA Brief Summary of Modern Natural BiddingBidding
Crowhurst, Eric & Kambites, Andrews Understanding Acol2 copiesBidding
Crowhurst, EricAcol in CompetitionBidding
Crowhurst, EricAcol Index - The Uncontested AuctionBidding
Crowhurst, EricPractise Your Crowhurst 2 Clubs2 copiesBidding
Crowhurst, EricPrecision bidding in AcolBidding
Crowhurst, EricRecision Bidding in AcolBidding
Crown PublishersThe Official Encyclopedia of Bridge Francis, Dorothy (Editor) 2001, 1994, 1954 General
Culbertson, ElyBidding and play in duplicate bridgeGeneral
Culbertson, ElyContract bridge complete3 copiesGeneral
Culbertson, ElyCulbertson's new and complete summary of contract bridgeBidding
Culbertson, JosephineContract bridge made easyGeneral
Daniels, DavidGolden age of contract bridgeHistory
Daniels, Mark"Bettabridge" handbookGeneral
Davas, RobertRight through the pack3 copiesStories
De Serpa, AllanPrinciples of logical biddingBidding
de Serpa, AllanThe Mexican ContractStories
Delmain, A.V.Hand Pattern SystemBidding
Dick, RossBetter Bidding for ImprovingBidding
Doisy, Andrew & Linda LeeYou Have to See This: Another 25 Challenging Bridge handsPlaying
Donovan, Peter & MacLeod, IainBridge is Still an Easy GaneGeneral
Dormer, AlbertDormer on deductionPlaying
Dormer, AlbertPowerhouse handsBidding
Dufresene, Mary Ann & Ellingsen MarionBridge with Bells & WhistlesBidding
Eastgate, C LModern Gladiator system of biddingBidding
Ewen, RobertDefensive bidding quiz bookBidding
Ewen, RobertDoubles for takeout, penalties and profitBidding
Ewen, RobertOpening leadsDefence
Ewen, RobertPre-emptive biddingBidding
Falk, AllanSpingold ChallengePlaying
Feldham, HaroldWinning Swiss team tactics in bridgeGeneral
Feldheim, HaroldTactical Bidding2 copiesBidding
Feldhelm, Harold5 Card Major Bidding in Contract BridgeBidding
Feldman, HaroldWinning Swiss team tactics in bridgeGeneral
Flannery, BillThe Flannery 2 Diamond OpeningBidding
Flint, Jeremy & Greenwood, DInstructions for the DefenceDefence
Flint, Jeremy & North FreddieTiger Bridge, The Game at the TopsGeneral
Flint, Jeremy & Sharp, Richard Competitive BiddingBidding
Flint, JeremyBridge in the looking glass2 copiesPlaying
Flint, JeremyBridge with the TimesStories
Flint, JeremyCompetitive biddingBidding
Flint, JeremyHow to play bridgeBasic
Flint, JeremyInstructions for the defence2 copiesDefence
Flint, JeremyJeremy Flint's bridge classBasic
Flint, JeremyMatch your skill against the masters2 copiesPlaying
Flint, JeremyThe Winning EdgeStories
Forquet, PietroBridge with the Blue Team4 copiesPlaying
Forrester, Tony & Senior, BrianOver Your Shoulder - Learn from the ExpertsPlaying
Forrester, TonyPractise Your Re-opening and BalancingBidding
Forrester, Tony The Bridge Player's Bedside Book Stories
Fox, G C HDaily Telegraph book of bridgeStories
Fox, G C HMaster play; the best of international bridgePlaying
Fox, G.C.H.Begin BridgeBeginner
Fox, G.C.H.How to play bridgeGeneral
Francis, Henry G (Ed)1980 World Bridge Team OlympiadPlaying
Frey, Richard How to win at contract bridgeGeneral
Gardener, NicolaMaster bridgeStories
Gardner, Nico & Mollo, VictorCard Paly TechniquePlaying
Gardner, Nico & Mollo, VictorCard Play TechniquePlaying
Garozzo, BenitoBlue Club2 copiesBidding
Garozzo, BenitoItalian Blue Team bridge bookBidding
Gibson, Walter BHoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card GamesGeneral
Goldman, BobbyAce ScientificBidding
Goldman, BobbyWinners and losers at the bridge tableStories
Goren, Charles HThe Precision System of BiddingPrecision
Goren, CharlesBetter bridge for better playersPlaying
Goren, CharlesBridge is my gameGeneral
Goren, CharlesGoren on play and defence2 copiesPlaying
Goren, CharlesGoren's new contract bridge complete2 copiesGeneral
Goren, CharlesItalian bridge systemBidding
Goren, CharlesPoint count biddingBidding
Goren, CharlesPrecision system of BiddingPrecision
Goren, CharlesPrecision system of contract bridgePrecision
Gorski, AndrewThe Art of Logical BiddingBidding
Goulah, Defence at contract bridgeDefence
Granovetter, Matthew & PamelaConventions at a GlanceDefence
Granovetter, MatthewBridge Additions 96Bidding
Granovetter, MatthewI Shot my Bridge PartnerStories
Granovetter, MatthewSwitch in time2 copiesDefence
Granovetter, MatthewThe Bridge Team MurdersStories
Granovetter, Pamela & MatthewFor Experts OnlyPlaying
Grant, Audrey & Rodwell, Eric 2 over 1 GameforceBidding
Grant, Audrey & Rodwell, Eric The Joy of BridgeGeneral
Grant, AudreyBridgeBidding
Grant, AudreyBridge Basics 1: An IntroductionGeneral
Grant, AudreyBridge Basics 2: Competitive BiddingBidding
Grant, AudreyCommonly Used ConventionsGeneral
Grant, AudreyImproving Your Judgement to DoublesBidding
Grant, AudreyImproving Your Judgement: Opening the BiddingBidding
Grant, AudreyMore Commonly Used ConventionsGeneral
Gravis VilThirteen Tricks and Evil Acol2 copiesPlaying
Graviz, VilTips and Quips3 copiesGeneral
Griffiths, J N RGolden years of bridgeStories
Groetheim, Glenn & Sontag, AlanThe Viking Precision ClubPrecision
Groner, AlexDuplicate Bridge Direction2 copiesDirecting
Hackett, Paul, Jason & JustinPractise Your Benjamin Two BidsBidding
Hackett, Paul, Jason & Justin Practise Your Roman Key-Card BlackwoodBidding
Hall, B & Rose-Hall, L How the Experts Win at BridgeGeneral
Hall, BurtHow the Experts Win at BridgeGeneral
Hamman, Bob with Manley, BrentAt the Table: my life and timesStories
Hamman, BobAt the table: my life and timesStories
Hardy, MaxAdvanced bridge bidding for the 21st centuryBidding
Hardy, MaxCompetitive Bidding With Two Suited HhandsBidding
Hardy, MaxFourth Suit ForcingBidding
Hardy, MaxNew Minor, Fourth Suit Forcing NT responses2 copiesBidding
Hardy, MaxSplinters and Other Shortness BidsBidding
Hardy, MaxStandard Bridge Bidding for the 21st CenturyBidding
Hardy, Max Two over One Game Force - RevisedBidding
Hardy, MaxTwo Over One Game Force Quiz BookBidding
Harris, LarryBridge Players Companion2 copiesGeneral
Harrison-Gray, MCountry Life book of bridgeStories
Hayden, DorothyBid better, play better3 copiesBidding
Hayden, DorothyWinning declarer play4 copiesPlaying
Hoffman, Martin & Matthew GranovetterJenny Mae the Bridge ProPlaying
Hoffman, MartinBridge: Defence in DepthDefence
Hoffman, MartinBridge: Defence in DepthDefence
Horton, Mark & Sowter, TBridge: learn from the starsGeneral
Horton, Mark and van Cleeff, JanMysterious MultiBidding
Horton, MarkBetter Signalling Now Defence
Horton, MarkBridge Master versus Bridge AmateurGeneral
Horton, MarkDefences to a Strong ClubBidding
Horton, MarkThe Hands of TimePlaying
Horton, MikeBetter Signalling Now Defence
Horton, SallyBridge conventions; responding to two no trumpsBidding
Horton, SallyBridge conventions; transfers after one no trumpBidding
Horton, SallyDouble Trouble2 copiesBidding
Horton, SallyResponding to 2NTBidding
Howard, DenisNew South Wales systemBidding
Huggett, Dave & Cashmore, StephenMonster Book of Basic Declarer PlayBasic
Huggett, DavePractise Your Transfer Bidding2 copiesBidding
Hughes, RoyBuilding a Bidding SystemBidding
Hughes, RoyCanada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray & Sami Kehela2 copiesPlaying
Hughes, RoyCard by CardPlaying
Hughes, RoyContested AuctionBidding
Hughes, SpikeArt of coarse bridgeStories
International, International bridge testStories
Irwin, FlorenceThe complete auction bridge playerAuction
Izdebski, Wladyslaw, Krzemien, Roman and Klinger, RonDeadly Defence (Master Bridge Series)Defence
Jacobi, ErnstAcol the Swiss WayBidding
Jacobs, BillFantunes Revealed Bidding
Jacoby, James O & Allan FalkBridge ToolkitPlaying
Jacoby, OswaldWin at bridge with Jacoby and Son2 copiesPlaying
Jago, WillieTeam Tactics at BridgeGeneral
Jago, WillieThe Trick Ratio PrincipleBidding
James, JeremyGrand SlamPlaying
James, JeremyGrand Slam; an international bridge tournamentPlaying
Jannerston, EricCard reading; the art of guessing right at the bridge tableDefence
Jannerston, EricCards on the table, the art of guessing right2 copiesDefence
Jannerston, EricPrecision bridgePrecision
Jannerston, EricThe Only chance2 copiesPlaying
Jannerston, EricWinning pairs techniqueDuplicate
Jassem, KrzysztofWJ05: A modern version of Polish ClubBidding
Jayaram, R.Logic, Intuition and Instinct at the Bridge tablePlaying
Jayaram, R.Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table2 copiesPlaying
Jayaram, R.Serendipity in BridgePlaying
Jeroninmidis, Elena (editor)Duplicate Bridge Terms You Need to KnowGeneral
Jeroninmidis, ElenaPractise Your Bidding of 4-4-4-1 HandsBidding
Kambites, AndrewCard Placing for You2 copiesPlaying
Kambites, AndrewDefensive skills for youDefence
Kambites, AndrewSignals & Discards For YouDefence
Kantar, EddieEddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge DefenseDefence
Kantar, EddieEddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge DefenseDefence
Kantar, EddieEddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play at BridgePlaying
Kantar, EddieRoman Keycard BlackwoodBidding
Kantar, Edwin B & Stanley, JGamesman BridgePlaying
Kantar, Edwin B.BridgeCD
Kantar, Edwin B.Defensive bridge Play CompleteDefence
Kantar, Edwin B.Kantar for the Defense (vol 2)Defence
Kantar, Edwin BDefensive Tips for Bad Card HoldersPlaying
Kantar, Edwin BKantar for the defence Vol 1Defence
Kantar, Edwin BKantar for the defence Vol 2Defence
Kantar, Edwin BNew Approach to Play and DefensePlaying
Kantar, Edwin B Roman Key Card Blackwood - The Untold StoryBidding
Kantar, Edwin BRoman Keycard Blackwood The Untold StoryBidding
Kantar, Edwin BTest Your Bridge PlayPlaying
Kantar, EdwinBridge humourStories
Kantar, EdwinDefensive bridge Play CompleteDefence
Kantar, EdwinDefensive tips for bad card holdersDefence
Kantar, EdwinGamesman bridgePlaying
Kantar, EdwinIntroduction to declarer play2 copiesPlaying
Kantar, EdwinIntroduction to defender's playDefence
Kantar, EdwinKantar for the defence2 copiesDefence
Kantar, EdwinTake your tricksPlaying
Kantar, EdwinTest your bridge playPlaying
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (April '18)Magazine
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (Dec '17)Magazine
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (Feb '18)Magazine
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (Jan '18)Magazine
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (March '18)Magazine
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (May '18)Magazine
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (Nov '17)Magazine
Kaplan, Edgar (ed)The Bridge World (Oct '17)Magazine
Kaplan, EdgarCard Play at Contract BridgePlaying
Kaplan, EdgarCompetitive bidding in modern bridge3 copiesBidding
Kaplan, EdgarDuplicate bridge; how to play, how to winDuplicate
Kaplan, EdgarWinning Contract Bridge General
Kaplan, EdgarWinning contract bridge completeGeneral
Kaplan, JimThe Jack Who Would be KingPlaying
Karpin, Fred LBridge strategy at trick onePlaying
Karpin, Fred LPsychological Strategy in Contract Bridge2 copiesGeneral
Karpin, Fred LThe Art of Card Reading at BridgePlaying
Karpin, Fred LThe Drawing of Trumps and its PostponementPlaying
Karpin, FredArt of card reading at bridge2 copiesDefence
Karpin, FredBridge strategy at trick one3 copiesDefence
Karpin, FredFinesse; how to win more tricks more oftenPlaying
Karpin, FredHow to play slam contractsPlaying
Karpin, FredPsychological strategy in contract bridge2 copiesBidding
Karpin, FredWinning play in tournament and duplicate bridge3 copiesPlaying
Kauder, James SReturn of the Bridge PhilosopherPlaying
Kay, NormanComplete book of duplicate bridge2 copiesGeneral
Kearse, AmalyaBridge Conventions CompleteBidding
Kelsey, H and Kambites, AAcol Bridge for Bright BeginnersAcol
Kelsey, H WAdvanced play at bridge3 copiesPlaying
Kelsey, H WBridge logicPlaying
Kelsey, H WChallenge Match2 copiesPlaying
Kelsey, H W How to Improve Your BridgePlaying
Kelsey, H W Killing Defence at BridgeDefence
Kelsey, H WLogical bridge playPlaying
Kelsey, H WSlam bidding2 copiesBidding
Kelsey, H W Test Your Match PlayPlaying
Kelsey, H WThe Tough GamePlaying
Kelsey, H.Test Your Card Play 6Playing
Kelsey, H.Test Your TimingPlaying
Kelsey, H.W.Advanced Play at BridgePlaying
Kelsey, H.W.Countdown to Better BridgeGeneral
Kelsey, Hugh & Glavert, MichaelBridge Odds For Practical PlayersPlaying
Kelsey, Hugh & Matheson, JohnImprove Your Opening LeadsPlaying
Kelsey, Hugh and Glauert, MichaelBridge Odds for Practical PlayersPlaying
Kelsey, HughAdvanced Play at BridgePlaying
Kelsey, HughBridge for The ConnoisseurGeneral
Kelsey, HughHow to improve your bridge2 copiesGeneral
Kelsey, HughImprove your opening leads2 copiesDefence
Kelsey, HughImprove your partner's defenceDefence
Kelsey, HughKilling defence at bridgeDefence
Kelsey, HughLearn bridge for funBasic
Kelsey, HughMatch-point bridge3 copiesDuplicate
Kelsey, HughMore killing defence at bridge2 copiesDefence
Kelsey, HughSharpen your bridge techniquesPlaying
Kelsey, HughSimple SqueezesPlaying
Kelsey, HughStrip-SqueezesPlaying
Kelsey, HughTest your card play - 1Playing
Kelsey, HughTest Your Card Play 3Playing
Kelsey, HughTest Your Card Play 6Playing
Kelsey, HughTest your card readingPlaying
Kelsey, HughTest your elimination playPlaying
Kelsey, HughTest Your Finessing2 copiesPlaying
Kelsey, HughTest your match playPlaying
Kelsey, HughTest Your PercentagesPlaying
Kelsey, HughTest Your TimingPlaying
Kelsey, HughTest Your Trump ControlPlaying
Kelsey, HughThe Tough game3 copiesPlaying
Kelsey, HughThe Tricky GamePlaying
Kelsey, HughTriple squeezesPlaying
Kelsey, HughWinning card play3 copiesPlaying
Kelsey, HW & Matheson JImproving Your Opening LeadsDefence
Kelsey, HWMore Killing Defence at BridgeDefence
King, P & RPlay it Again, SlamPlaying
King, P & RThe New King's TalesStories
King, Phillip and King, RobertFarewell My DummyStories
King, Phillip and King, RobertThe Hog in the 21st CenturyStories
King, Phillip and King, RobertThe new Kings' talesStories
King, Phillip and RobertContract KillersStories
King, Phillip and RobertFarewell My DummyStories
King, Phillip and RobertPlay it Again, SlamStories
King, Phillip and RobertThe Kings' TalesStories
King, Phillip and RobertYour Deal, Mr BondStories
Kleinman, Danny & Nick Straguzzi (Eds)Human Bridge Errors, Vol 1General
Kleinman, Danny & Straguzzi, NickHuman Bridge Errors, Vol 1General
Kleinman, Danny & Straguzzi, NickThe Principle of Restricted TalentStories
Kleinman, DannyThe No Trump ZoneBidding
Klinger, Ron & A. KambitesHow Good is Your Bridge Hand?General
Klinger, Ron & Kambites AndrewUnderstanding Duplicate PairsDuplicate
Klinger, Ron & Kambites AndrewUnderstanding the Contested AuctionBidding
Klinger, Ron & Kambites, AndrewBetter Acol BridgeBidding
Klinger, Ron & Kambites, AndrewBridge Conventions for YouBidding
Klinger, Ron & Kambites, AndrewCard Play Made EadyPlaying
Klinger, Ron & Kambites, AndrewCard Play Made Easy 2 Know Your Suit CombinationsPlaying
Klinger, Ron & Kambites, AndrewCard Play Made Easy 3 Trump ManagementPlaying
Klinger, Ron & Kambites, AndrewUnderstanding the uncontested AuctionBidding
Klinger, Ron100 Winning Bridge Tips for the Improving PlayerGeneral
Klinger, Ron50 More Winning Bridge Tips2 copiesGeneral
Klinger, RonBasic BridgeBasic
Klinger, RonBasic Bridge, A Guide to Good ACOL Bidding and Playing2 copiesAcol
Klinger, RonBid Better, Much BetterBidding
Klinger, RonBridge BasicsBidding
Klinger, RonBridge conventions, Defences and Countermeasures2 copiesBidding
Klinger, RonBridge Conventions, Defense and CountermeasuresBidding
Klinger, RonBridge player who laughedStories
Klinger, RonBridge without error4 copiesPlaying
Klinger, RonCue Bidding to SlamsBidding
Klinger, RonFive-Card MajorsBidding
Klinger, RonGuide to Better Acol Bridge2 copiesGeneral
Klinger, RonGuide to Better Acol Bridge -4th edition revisedBidding
Klinger, RonGuide to Better Bridge - 2nd edition revisedGeneral
Klinger, RonGuide to Better Bridge - 2nd revised editionGeneral
Klinger, RonGuide to Better Card Play 3 copiesPlaying
Klinger, RonGuide to Better Duplicate Bridge 3 copiesDuplicate
Klinger, RonImprove Your Bridge MemoryGeneral
Klinger, RonPlaying to win at bridgePlaying
Klinger, RonPower Acol; the art of being lucky in the bidding2 copiesBidding
Klinger, RonPower system; five ways to winning bridgePrecision
Klinger, RonRon Klinger's Guide to Better Bridge 2nd ED RevBidding
Klinger, RonRon Klinger's Guide to Better Bridge and ED Rev3 copiesGeneral
Klinger, RonThe Power of ShapeBidding
Klinger, RonThe Power System Five Bids to Winning Bridge2 copiesBidding
Klinger, RonTo Win at Bridge: Have you got what it takes?General
Klinger, RonUnderstanding the Contested AuctionBidding
Klinger, RonUnderstanding the Uncontested AuctionBidding
Klinger, RonWhen to Bid, when to Pass2 copiesBidding
Klinger, RonWinning Bridge Trick by TrickPlaying
Klinger, RonWinning bridge; trick by trick2 copiesPlaying
Klinger,Ron & KambitesBridge Conventions for YouBidding
Kokish, EricWorld Bridge Olympiad 1996Playing
Kunac, PeterKunac approach to Acol2 copiesAcol
Laderman, Juliana Bridge to Simple SqueezesBidding
Lamford,PaulImprove Your GameGeneral
Landy, Sandra, Mark Horton & Barbara Seagram25 Bridge Conventions for ACOL PlayersBidding
Lavinthal, HyDefense strategy in bridge2 copiesDefence
Lawrence, MichaelBidding Quizzes: Vol 1 The Uncontested AuctionBidding
Lawrence, Michael Complete Book on Balancing in Contract BridgeBidding
Lawrence, MichaelComplete book on overcalls in contract bridgeBidding
Lawrence, MichaelComplete book on takeout doubles2 copiesBidding
Lawrence, MichaelComplete guide to contested auctionsBidding
Lawrence, MichaelComplete guide to passed hand biddingBidding
Lawrence, MichaelDisturbing Opponents No TrumpBidding
Lawrence, MichaelDONT; disturbing opponents no trumpBidding
Lawrence, MichaelDynamic defenseDefence
Lawrence, MichaelFalsecardsGeneral
Lawrence, MichaelHow to play card combinationsPlaying
Lawrence, MichaelOpening leadsDefence
Lawrence, MichaelThe Complete Book on BalancingBidding
Lawrence, MichaelThe Complete Book on Hand EvaluationBidding
Lawrence, Mike & Klinger, RonOpening LeadsPlaying
Lawrence, Mike & Klinger, RonOpening Leads for ACOL PlayersAcol
Lawrence, Mike &Hanson, KeithWinning Bridge IntangiblesGeneral
Lawrence, MikeComplete Guide to Contested AuctionsBidding
Lawrence, MikeDouble - New Meaning for an Old BidBidding
Lawrence, MikeDynamic Defense2 copiesDefence
Lawrence, MikeFalsecards 2 copiesDefence
Lawrence, MikeHand Evaluation In Contract BridgeBidding
Lawrence, MikeHow to play Card Combinations3 copiesPlaying
Lawrence, MikeHow to Read Your Opponents' CardsPlaying
Lawrence, MikeJudgment at BridgeBidding
Lawrence, MikeMike Lawrence's Bidding Quizzes: Vol 1 The Uncontested AuctionBidding
Lawrence, Mike Opening LeadsDefence
Lawrence, MikePartnership UnderstandingsBidding
Lawrence, MikePassed Hand BiddimgBidding
Lawrence, MikePlay Bridge with Mike Lawrence2 copiesGeneral
Lawrence, MikeThe Complete Book on Balancing2 copiesBidding
Lawrence, MikeThe Devyn Press Handbook of Pertnership Understanding2 copiesBidding
Lawrence, MikeThe Lebensohl ConventionBidding
Lawrence, MikeTwo Over OneBidding
Lawrence. MikeFalsecards Stories
Lawrence. MikeHow to play Card CombinationsPlaying
Lawrence. MikePlay a Swiss Teams of FourGeneral
Lawrence. MikeThe Complete Book on OvercallsBidding
Le Dentu, JoseBridge analysisGeneral
Le Dentu, JoseChampionship bridge2 copiesPlaying
Lederer, Rhoda and Griffiths, DavidFits and MisfitsBidding
Lederer, RhodaAcol-ites quizBidding
Lederer, RhodaWinning ways at bridgeGeneral
Lederer, TonyLearn bridge with the LederersBasic
Leve, GuyThe Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at BridgeGeneral
Lindelof,E.T.COBRA Bidding SystemBidding
Lindkvist, Magnus (edit) 1st VolClassic & Modern ConventionsBidding
Lindkvist, Magnus (edit) 2nd VolClassic & Modern ConventionsBidding
Lindkvist, Magnus (edit) 3rd VolumeClassic & Modern ConventionsBidding
Lindkvist, Magnus (edit)Bridge, Classis & Modern ConventionsBidding
Lindkvist, MagnusNotrump Bidding - the Scanian WayBidding
Love Clyde E & Kelsey, Hugh Bridge Squeezes CompletePlaying
Love, ClydeBridge squeezes completePlaying
Lukacs, Paul & Rubens, JeffTest Your Play As Declarer - Vol IPlaying
Lukacs, Paul & Rubens, JeffTest Your Play As Declarer - Vol IIPlaying
Lukacs, PaulTest your play as declarerPlaying
Lutz, Joe & Fink, JerryThe American Forcing Minor SystemBidding
Mackey, RexThe Walk of the OystersStories
MacKinnon, Bridge Probability and InformationGeneral
Magee, BernardPractise Your Declarer Play in 1NT2 copiesPlaying
Magee, BernardPractise Your Fourth Suit ForcingBidding
Magee, BernardQuiz and Puzzle BookGeneral
Magee, BernardTips for Better BridgePlaying
Mahmood, ZiaBridge my way2 copiesStories
Manley, BrentThe Everything Bridge BookGeneral
Markus, RixiAces and places, the international bridge circuit Playing
Markus, RixiBridge around the worldPlaying
Markus, RixiBridge table tales3 copiesStories
Markus, RixiBridge with RixiPlaying
Markus, RixiCommonsense bridgeGeneral
Markus, RixiPlay better bridge3 copiesPlaying
Marsh-Smith, DavidThe Phoney Club: Cleveland Club SystemBidding
Marston, Paul & Hughes, NickOpening two bids2 copiesBidding
Marston, PaulAll About No Trumps2 copiesBidding
Marston, PaulIntroduction to bridge6 copiesBasic
Marston, PaulPaul Marston's Introduction to BridgeAcol
Marston, PaulPaul Marston's Introduction to Bridge – Acol5 copiesGeneral
Marston, PaulPrinciples of card play3 copiesPlaying
Marston, PaulThe Language of Bidding3 copiesBidding
Marston, PaulThe Language of Bidding – Acol edition2 copiesBidding
Marston, PaulThe Language of Bidding – Standard editionBidding
Marston, PaulThe Principles of Card Play4 copiesPlaying
Marston, PaulWinning Decision in Competitive BiddingBidding
Marston, PaulWinning Decisions in competitive bidding2 copiesBidding
Marston, PaulWinning decisions in competitive bridgeBidding
Martens, KrzystofBidding Like Music - Camouflage Waiting BidsBidding
Matula, GregThe Polish ClubBidding
Maxwell, DouglasSimpler ways to better bridgeBasic
Mayer, EdwardWinning at rubber bridge2 copiesRubber
McCane, Ian The Setting TrickPlaying
McNeil, KeithMatch Your Bidding Against The MastersBidding
Meckstroth, Jeff & Smith, MarcWin the Bermuda Bowl With MePlaying
Mendelsen, PaulMeldelson's Guide to the Bidding BattleBidding
Mendelson, PaulPractise Your Law of Total TricksBidding
Miles, MarshallAll 52 CardsPlaying
Miles, MarshallAll fifty-two cards2 copiesDefence
Miles, MarshallBridge From The Top Book 2General
Miles, MarshallBridge from the Top Book IIGeneral
Miles, MarshallBridge from the Top ~ Book 1 ~Bidding
Miles, MarshallCompetitive Bidding in the 21st CenturyBidding
Miles, MarshallInferences at BridgeGeneral
Miles, MarshallMy System: an Unbalanced DiamondPlaying
Miles, Marshall My System: The Unbalanced DiamondBidding
Miles, MarshallStronger Competitive BiddingBidding
Miller, Richard ABridge brilliance and blundersGeneral
Milnes, EricBridge hands for the connoisseurGeneral
Mollo, Victor & Gardener, NicoCard Play TechniquePlaying
Mollo, Victor & Phillip & Robert KingBridge in the Fifth DimensionStories
Mollo, VictorBest of bridge2 copiesGeneral
Mollo, VictorBridge - case for the defence2 copiesDefence
Mollo, VictorBridge a la Carte2 copiesStories
Mollo, VictorBridge course complete2 copiesBasic
Mollo, VictorBridge for beginnersBasic
Mollo, VictorBridge in the fourth dimension2 copiesStories
Mollo, VictorBridge in the Menagerie6 copiesStories
Mollo, VictorBridge psychology or reading between the cardsStories
Mollo, VictorBridge; modern bidding2 copiesBidding
Mollo, VictorCard play techniquePlaying
Mollo, VictorCulbertson's contract bridge for everyoneBidding
Mollo, VictorI challenge you2 copiesGeneral
Mollo, VictorInstant bridge; a textbook from A-Z2 copiesGeneral
Mollo, VictorMasters and Monsters3 copiesStories
Mollo, VictorMurder In The MenagerieStories
Mollo, VictorOther side of bridgePlaying
Mollo, VictorStreamline your bidding2 copiesBidding
Mollo, VictorTest your bridgePlaying
Mollo, VictorThe Finer Arts of BridgeBidding
Mollo, VictorVictor Mollo's Bridge ClubStories
Mollo, VictorVictor Mollo's Winning DoublePlaying
Mollo, VictorVictor Mollo's winning double, the shortest cut to expert playPlaying
Morehead, AlbertMorehead on biddingBidding
Mould, AlanStep-by-Step Pre-EmptsBidding
Nicholson, JoyceHow to play soloSolo
Nicholson, JoyceWhy Woman Lose at Bridge2 copiesStories
Nilsland, Mats & Wirgren, AndersMajor Suit Raises - the Scanian WayBidding
Nilsland, MatsStrong Club - the Scanian WayBidding
Noall, WilliamAustralian One Club systemBidding
North, FreddieAunt Agatha plays tournament bridgeStories
North, FreddieBridge Play Unravelled: Recognition is EverythingPlaying
North, FreddieBridge with Aunt AgathaStories
North, FreddieBridge: Defending TogetherDefence
North, FreddieBridge: The Vital PrinciplesPlaying
North, FreddieCards at Play2 copiesPlaying
North, Freddie Conventional Bidding explainedBidding
North, FreddiePractise Your Blocking and Unblocking PlaysPlaying
North, FreddiePractise Your Elimination Play3 copiesPlaying
North, FreddiePractise Your Hold-Up PlayPlaying
Nunes, JackImprove Your BridgeGeneral
O'Connor, PatrickDeception In DefenceDefence
O'Connor, PatrickSecond Book of Bridge ProblemsGeneral
Oakley, PeterThe Diamond Major2 copiesBidding
Ostrow, AlbertBridge players bedside companionStories
otago Bridge ClubA Bridge Director's Vade MecumDirecting
Ottlik, GezaAdventures in card play2 copiesPlaying
Parry, DavidPractise Your LebensohlBidding
Payne, DickBridge TNT competitive biddingBidding
Payne, R.J.Bridge: Single Dummy ProblemsPlaying
Penick, MichaelBeginning Bridge CompleteBeginner
Phillips, HerbertHow to play bridge2 copiesPlaying
Pottage, Julian & Burrows P.The Art of Psychic Bidding (And its Pitfalls)Bidding
Pottage, Julian & Smith, MarcThe Golden Rules of Competitive AuctionsBidding
Pottage, Julian & Smith, MarcThe Golden Rules of Constructive BiddingBidding
Pottage, Julian & Smith, MThe Golden Rules of DefenceDefence
Pottage, JulianClues From the BiddingPlaying
Pottage, JulianDefend These Hands with MeDefence
Pottage, JulianEasy Guide to Defensive Signals at BridgeDefence
Pottage, JulianMasterpieces of Declarer Play2 copiesPlaying
Pottage, JulianMasterpieces of DefenceDefence
Pottage, JulianPlay or Defend? 68 Hands to Test Your Bridge SkillPlaying
Pottage, JulianPractise Your RuffingPlaying
Pottage, JulianPractise Your SwitchingPlaying
Pottage, JulianThe Golden Rules of Opening LeadsPlaying
Pottage, JulianWin the Big MatchPlaying
Powell, RichardTickets to the devilStories
Priebe, JimDouble Elimination a Bridge MysteryStories
Priebe, JimMatchpoint DefenseDefence
Priebe, JimTakeout Double a Bridge Mystery2 copiesStories
Priebe, JimThinking on DefenseDefence
Priest, DenisProblems in PlayPlaying
Quinn,TerryThe Great Bridge ConspiracyStories
Ramsey, GuyAces allStories
Reece, TerencePrecision Bidding and Precision playPrecision
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidBridge tricks of the tradePlaying
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidCardinal SinsStories
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidDivine InterventionStories
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidDoubled and VenerableStories
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidDoubled and VulnerablePlaying
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidHow the Experts Do It : Improving Your BridgePlaying
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidMiracles of Card Play2 copiesStories
Reese, Terence & Bird, DavidUnholy tricks2 copiesStories
Reese, Terence & Dormer, The Complete Book of BridgeGeneral
Reese, Terence and Jourdain PatrickSqueeze Play Made EasyPlaying
Reese, Terence with Trezel, RogerSnares and swindles in bridgePlaying
Reese, TerenceArt of defence in bridge2 copiesDefence
Reese, TerenceBegin bridge with ReeseBasic
Reese, TerenceBlocking and unblocking plays in bridge2 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerenceBridge2 copiesGeneral
Reese, TerenceBridge at the top2 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerenceBridge by question and answerPlaying
Reese, TerenceBridge card by cardBasic
Reese, TerenceBridge for tournament players2 copiesGeneral
Reese, TerenceBridge player's dictionaryGeneral
Reese, TerenceBridge tips by World MastersGeneral
Reese, TerenceBridge tricks of the tradePlaying
Reese, TerenceBrilliances and Blunders in the European Bridge ChampionshipStories
Reese, TerenceComplete book of bridge2 copiesGeneral
Reese, TerenceDefend with your life4 copiesDefence
Reese, TerenceDevelop your bidding judgementBidding
Reese, TerenceDo You really Want to Win at BridgeGeneral
Reese, TerenceElimination play in bridge2 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerenceMaster the OddsPlaying
Reese, TerenceMiracles of card play2 copiesStories
Reese, TerenceMost puzzling situations in bridge playGeneral
Reese, TerenceOmar Sharif's Life in BridgeGeneral
Reese, TerencePlay bridge with Reese3 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerencePlay these hands with me3 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerencePractical bidding and practical play2 copiesGeneral
Reese, TerencePrecision bidding and Precision play3 copiesPrecision
Reese, TerenceReese on Play2 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerenceSafety plays in bridge3 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerenceSnares and swindles in bridgePlaying
Reese, TerenceThose Extra ChancesPlaying
Reese, TerenceUnholy tricksStories
Reese, TerenceWhen to duck - when to win2 copiesPlaying
Reese, TerrencePostive DefenseDefence
Rexford, KenModified Italian Canape System Bidding
Rexford, KenNew Frontiers for Strong Forcing OpeningsBidding
Rexford, KenVariable Key Card BlackwoodBidding
Rigal, BarryDeception in Defence2 copiesPlaying
Rigal, BarryPrecision in the 90sPrecision
Rigal, BarryStep-by-Step: Deceptive Declarer PlayPlaying
Rigal, BarryTest Your Bridge JudgmentGeneral
Rigal,, BarryDeception In DefenceDefence
Rimington, DerekPractise Your Reverse BiddingBidding
Robinson, SteveWashington StandardBidding
Robson, Andrew and Segal, OliverPartnership Biddingt at BridgeBidding
Robson, AndrewBridge: What Should Have HappenedGeneral
Robson.Andrew & Srgal,OliverPartnership Biddingt at BridgeBidding
Rodwell, Eric with Horton, Mark The Rodwell FilesPlaying
Root, William SHow to Defend a Bridge HandDefence
Root, William SHow to Play a Bridge HandPlaying
Root, William SIntroduction to biddingBidding
Root, William SModern bridge conventionsBidding
Root, WilliamPlay of The HandqPlaying
Rosencrantz, George & Alder, PhillipBid to Win; Play for PleasureBidding
Rosencrantz, George & Truscott, AlanBidding on TargetBidding
Rosencrantz, GeorgeTips for TopsGeneral
Rosencrantz, GeorgeTrump LeadsPlaying
Rosenkranz, Dr GeorgeOur Man GodfreyStories
Rosenkranz, George & Alder, PhilipGodfrey's Bridge ChallengeBidding
Rosenkranz, George & Alder, PhilipGodfrey's Stairway to the StarsBidding
Rosenkranz, GeorgeBRIDGE: The Bidders GameBidding
Rosenkranz, GeorgeEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Trump LeadsDefence
Rosenkranz, GeorgeMore Tips for TopsBidding
Roth, Alvin & Stone, TobiasBridge is a Partnership GameBidding
Roth, AlvinPicture Bidding: The Art of Painting a Bridge HandBidding
Roth, DannyAwareness - The Way to Improve Your BridgePlaying
Roth, DannyBeat the Experts at Bridge2 copiesPlaying
Roth, DannyDiscardingPlaying
Roth, DannyFocus on Declarer PlayPlaying
Roth, DannyFocus on DefenceDefence
Roth, DannyPathways to Better Bridge DefenseDefence
Roth, DannySpot the Bridge Writer's BlunderStories
Roth, DannyThe Expert BeginnerBeginner
Roth, DannyThe Expert ImproverGeneral
Roth, DFocus on BiddingBidding
Rotth, DanyWhy Woman Win at BridgeGeneral
Routman, Mark JClub Level Duplicate Bridge: Which Strategies WinDuplicate
Rubens, Jeff & Lukacs, PaulTest Your Play As Declarer - Vol 2Playing
Rubens, Jeff Expert Bridge SimplifiedPlaying
Rubens, JeffSecrets of winning bridge2 copiesGeneral
Rubens, JeffThe Bridge World's Test Your PlayPlaying
Rubens, JeffThe Secrets of Winning Bridge3 copiesGeneral
Saunders, P FBridge with my GranddaughterStories
Schenken, HowardEducation of a bridge player2 copiesStories
Schenken, HowardHoward Schenken's "Big Club" Bidding
Seabrook, BarryBridge from avaerage to expertPlaying
Seagram, Barbara & Smith, M Bridge: 25 Ways to Compete in the BiddingBidding
Seagram, Barbara & Bird, David Planning the Play of a Bridge HandPlaying
Seagram, Barbara & Lee LindaRoman Keycard Blackwood - Stayman AuctionsBidding
Seagram, Barbara & Lee LindaSplinter Bids - Practice Your BiddingBidding
Seagram, Barbara & Lee LindaStayman AuctionsBidding
Seagram, Barbara & Stark AndyFour Suit TransfersBidding
Seagram, Barbara I Lee, Linda JacobyJacoby 2NT - Practice Your BiddingBidding
Semp, RaymondBridge Squeezes InterpretedPlaying
Senior, Brian (Ed)2000 World Bridge Championships MaastrichtPlaying
Senior, Brian (Ed)2003 World Bridge Championships Monte CarloPlaying
Senior, Brian (Ed)2004 World Bridge Championships IstanbulPlaying
Senior, Brian (Ed)World Bridge Championships 2005Playing
Senior, Brian (Ed)World Bridge Championships 2011Playing
Senior, BrianBridge Conventions The Multi-Coloured 2Bidding
Senior, BrianBridge Conventions: Weak Two BidsBidding
Senior, BrianClever Bridge TricksGeneral
Senior, BrianHand Evaluation In BridgeBidding
Senior, BrianIt's Your Call: Bidding Problems Answered by International PanelBidding
Senior, BrianPlay These Hands with Brian SeniorGeneral
Senior, BrianPractise Your trump CoupsBidding
Senior, BrianRaising PartnerBidding
Senior, BrianShort Club and Transfer ResponsesBidding
Senior, BrianStep-By-Step Card Play in SuitsPlaying
Senior, BrianSuit ContractsPlaying
Senior, BrianThe Transfer PrincipleBidding
Senior, BrianWeak Two BidsBidding
Sharif, OmarBridgeCD
Sharif, OmarBridge Deluxe IICD
Sharif, OmarPlay Bridge with Omar Sharif3 copiesPlaying
Sharif, OmarPlay More Bridge with Omar SharifPlaying
Sheehan, RobertBook of BridgePlaying
Sheinwold, AlfredBridge playBasic
Sheinwold, AlfredBridge puzzles2 copiesGeneral
Sheinwold, AlfredBridge puzzles #4General
Sheinwold, AlfredBridge puzzles #6General
Sheinwold, AlfredDuplicate bridge4 copiesDuplicate
Sheinwold, AlfredFive weeks to winning bridge2 copiesBasic
Sheinwold, AlfredHow to improve your biddingBidding
Sheinwold, PatriciaHusbands and other men I've played with2 copiesStories
Shenkin, BarnetPlaying with The Bridge LegendsGeneral
Silver, DavidA Study in SilverStories
Silver, DavidTales out of SchoolStories
Simon, S JCut for partners2 copiesGeneral
Simon, S JWhy you lose at bridge2 copiesGeneral
Smith, MarcBridge Card Play, Attack & DefensePlaying
Smith, MarcEnterprising TalesStories
Smith, NickBridge literatureStories
Sobel, HelenAll the tricks! General
Sobel, HelenWinning bridgeGeneral
Sontag, AlanPower Precision2 copiesPrecision
Sontag, AlanThe Bridge Bum 2nd EDStories
Sowter, TonyBidding HandsBidding
Sowter, TonyOpening leads in bridgeDefence
Sowter, TonyStep-By-Step Constructive BiddingBidding
Sowter, TStep-by-Step Constructive BiddingBidding
Squire, NormanBidding todayBidding
Squire, NormanCard Play TechniquePlaying
Squire, NormanGuide to bridgeBasic
Squire, NormanGuide to bridge conventionsBidding
Squire, NormanSqueeze play simplified2 copiesPlaying
Squire, NormanThe Theory of BiddingBidding
Stark, AndyThe Weak Notrump2 copiesBidding
Starshine SoftwareChampionship BridgeCD
Stayman, Samual MHighroad to winning bridge2 copiesBidding
Stewart, Frank & Baron, RandallThe Bridge BookGeneral
Stewart, FrankBecoming a Bridge ExpertGeneral
Stewart, FrankBridge ClubStories
Stewart, FrankThe Bridge Players Comprehensive Guide to DefenseDefence
Stewart, FThe Complete Guide to Defensive PlayDefence
Stewart,Frank & Randall BaronThe Bridge Book vol 2- for intermediate PlayersGeneral
Stewart,Frank & Randall BaronThe Bridge Student Text vol 2- for Intermediate PlayersGeneral
Stewart,Frank & Randall BaronThe Bridge Student Text vol 3- for Advanced PlayersGeneral
Tait, J W Master Pairs TechniquePlaying
the HackettsPractise Your Benjamin Two BidsBidding
the HackettsPractise Your Roman Key-Card BlackwoodBidding
the HackettsPractise Your Weak TwosBidding
Thorne, HaroldContract bridge in twenty minutesGeneral
Thurston, PaulBridge 25 Steps to Learning 2/1Bidding
Times, TheBridge from the "Times"Stories
Tompson, AngelaBridge with AngelaGeneral
Townsend, BillBridge out of SchoolStories
Townsend, TomPractise Your Defense to the Multi 2 DiamondBidding
Townsend, TomPractise Your Multi 2 DiamondBidding
Townsend, TomPractise Your Two-suited OvercallsBidding
Truscott, AlanGrand slams4 copiesPlaying
Truscott, AlanIntermediate bridge in three weeks2 copiesGeneral
Tugman, Gill and Pauline ShawBridge for TwoGeneral
Victor, A.D.JVEEJAY System of Modern BiddingBidding
Von der PortenIntroduction to Defensive BiddingBidding
Von Elsner, DonBridge Cruise: a Jake Winkman Adventure2 copiesStories
von Elsner, DonEverything's Jake with MeStories
Von Elsner, DonJack of HeartsStories
Von Elsner, DonJake of DiamondsStories
von Elsner, DonThe Ace of SpiesStories
Von Elsner, DonThe Best of Jake Winkman2 copiesStories
von Elsner, DonThe Jack of HeartsStories
Wang, C-HPractical Bridge Endings2 copiesPlaying
Wang, C-HThe Squeeze at BridgePlaying
Watson, Louis HClassic Book on the Play of the Hand at bridgePlaying
Watson, LouisWatson's classsic book on the play of the handPlaying
WBFThe Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007Directing
Wei, C C & Andersen, RonMatch Point PrecisionBidding
Wei, C CBidding Precisely, vol 1Precision
Wei, C CMatchpoint PrecisionPrecision
Wei, C CPrecision bidding system in bridge3 copiesPrecision
Wei, C.C.The Precision Bidding System in BridgePrecision
Wei, CCBidding Precisely Vol 2Precision
Wei, KatherineAction for the defenceBidding
Wei, KatherinePrecision's one club completePrecision
Wei-Sender, Kathie & Hoffman, MartinThe Wei to Good BridgePlaying
Weiss, DavidParity Leads in DefenseqDefence
Wenble, Mike with Sally BrockNo Trump BiddingBidding
Wilkinson, A.M.Bridge Step by Step - The Acol systemBidding
Willemsens , HenkBruWil Bidding SystemBidding
Winkler, PeterBridge at the Enigma ClubStories
Wolff, BobbyRhe Lone WolffStories
Woolsey, KitMatch PointsBidding
Woolsey, KitMatchpointsDuplicate
Woolsey, KitModern defensive signalling in contract bridge2 copiesDefence
Woolsey, KitPartnership defense in bridge2 copiesDefence
World Bridge Federation2017 Laws of Duplicate BridgeDirecting
World Bridge FederationThe Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007Directing
World Bridge FederationThe Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 1975Directing
World Bridge FederationThe Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 1987Directing
World Bridge FederationThe Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 1997Directing
Young, RayBridge for BloodStories