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Divisional Summaries 2022

Sorted by Total C points

Open  Divn
 Av.%  Sess’s H’cap

Senior  Divn
 Av.%  Sess’s H’cap

Intermediate  Divn
 Av.%  Sess’s H’cap

Junior  Divn
 Av.%  Sess’s H’cap
52034  Sharon Teasdale   40   40   70.8    1    23.5
52033  Sally Stewart   40   40   70.8    1    22.8
42089  June Howie   20   20   58.3    1    25.0
45456  Connie Mackay   20   20   58.3    1    25.0
52201  Kathryn Nevell   0   0   37.5    1    23.9
52023  Kim Carter   0   0   37.5    1    23.0
11425  Helen Jappy   0   0   37.5    1    25.0
11510  Catherine Smith   0   0   45.8    1    24.0
49066  Jean McAlevey   0   0   45.8    1    23.6

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Events used

Casual Interdivisional Easter W…
Casual Saturday Night
Casual Holiday Bridge 2022 2023
Club Pairs Championship
Club Pairs Plate
XFriday January Match
Friday February Match
Friday March Match
Friday April Match
Friday May Match
Friday Gustavson Medallions
Friday July Match
Friday August Match
Friday September Match
Friday October Match
Friday November Match
Friday December January Match
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Intermediate Christmas Pairs
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Intermediate Two Night Match
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Intermediate Summer Pairs
Intermediate Trix Robertson Pla…
Intermediate Winter Pairs
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Junior Alma Delahunty Pairs
Junior Autumn Pairs
Junior Christmas Pairs
Junior Two Night Match
Junior Easter Pairs
Junior Pairs Championship
Junior Summer Pairs
Junior John Lawson Plate
Junior Winter Pairs
Junior President's Pairs
Junior Welcome Pairs
Junior Spring Pairs
Open Alma Delahunty Pairs
Open Autumn Pairs
Open Easter Pairs
Open Christmas Pairs
Open Congress Pairs
Open Jack Finigan Cup
Open President's Pairs
Open Spring Pairs
Open Summer Pairs
Open Two Night Match
Open Winter Pairs
Open Vice President's Pairs
Senior Alma Delahunty Pairs
Senior Autumn Pairs
Senior Christmas Pairs
Senior Congress Pairs
Senior Easter Pairs
Senior J S Asher Plate
Senior Pairs Championship
Senior President's Pairs
Senior Spring Pairs
Senior Summer Pairs
Senior Two Night Match
Senior Vice President's Pairs
Senior Winter Pairs
Wednesday All Comers
Women's Pairs Championship