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Cushla Colquhoun (Division: O) 2022

4 Feb  Friday February Match051.88
9 Feb  Womens Pairs Championship045.60
11 Feb  Friday February Match040.49
23 Feb  Womens Pairs Championship4064.62
4 Mar  Friday March Match044.88
18 Mar  Friday March Match052.27
23 Mar  Womens Pairs Championship039.88
25 Mar  Friday March Match051.68
1 Apr  Friday April Match2056.89
2 Apr  Saturday Night Bridge052.60
6 Apr  Womens Pairs Championship1353.47
8 Apr  Friday April Match053.79
15 Apr  Friday April Match2054.95
20 Apr  Womens Pairs Championship2054.76
22 Apr  Friday April Match851.38
28 Apr  Club Pairs Plate3358.16
29 Apr  Friday April Match046.84
5 May  Club Pairs Plate051.60
6 May  Friday May Match1353.18
13 May  Friday May Match050.75
14 May  Saturday Night Bridge2060.17
20 May  Friday May Match048.06
25 May  Womens Pairs Championship044.68
27 May  Friday May Match050.00
3 Jun  Friday Gustavson Medallions4059.72
8 Jun  Womens Pairs Championship048.18
9 Jun  Club Pairs Plate039.58
10 Jun  Friday Gustavson Medallions046.46
11 Jun  Saturday Night Bridge3061.98
16 Jun  Club Pairs Plate1655.90
17 Jun  Friday Gustavson Medallions2057.29
22 Jun  Womens Pairs Championship2055.34
23 Jun  Club Pairs Plate044.17
1 Jul  Friday July Match052.00
8 Jul  Friday July Match046.97
15 Jul  Friday July Match2058.14
20 Jul  Womens Pairs Championship041.90
22 Jul  Friday July Match4066.72
28 Jul  Club Pairs Plate4062.82
29 Jul  Friday July Match046.16
3 Aug  Womens Pairs Championship4061.35
4 Aug  Club Pairs Plate048.51
5 Aug  Friday August Match051.25
6 Aug  Saturday Night Bridge046.88
11 Aug  Club Pairs Plate042.86
12 Aug  Friday August Match051.99
19 Aug  Casual Friday055.42
26 Aug  Friday August Match4065.74
31 Aug  Womens Pairs Championship1053.85
2 Sep  Friday September Match051.85
7 Sep  All Comers055.56
9 Sep  Friday September Match047.06
16 Sep  Friday September Match1254.50
21 Sep  All Comers052.08
28 Sep  Womens Pairs Championship050.52
30 Sep  Friday September Match043.06
5 Oct  All Comers054.17
7 Oct  Friday October Match2058.33
14 Oct  Friday October Match2054.11
19 Oct  All Comers050.69
21 Oct  Friday October Match047.55
26 Oct  Womens Pairs Championship1050.96
28 Oct  Friday October Match049.63
4 Nov  Friday Novemebr Match3259.08
5 Nov  Saturday Night Bridge051.67
9 Nov  Womens Pairs Championship049.07
11 Nov  Friday Novemebr Match2761.65
18 Nov  Friday Novemebr Match2756.51
23 Nov  Womens Pairs Championship047.44
25 Nov  Friday Novemebr Match3360.49
30 Nov  All Comers4060.00
9 Dec  Friday December January Match050.27
2 Jan  Casual Holiday Bridge 2022 20232465.71
13 Jan  Friday December January Match051.88
20 Jan  Friday December January Match2755.39
27 Jan  Friday December January Match050.38

Divisional C points: 89
Total C points: 775
Average percentage: 52.5
From 76 sessions

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