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Philip Gillen (Division: O) 2018

12 Jan  Friday January Match1251.28
19 Jan  Friday January Match752.57
26 Jan  Friday January Match2856.95
2 Feb  Friday February Match4065.67
9 Feb  Friday February Match1754.52
16 Feb  Friday February Match4063.16
23 Feb  Friday February Match052.74
2 Mar  Friday March Match2857.97
16 Mar  Friday March Match3560.32
23 Mar  Friday March Match4066.78
30 Mar  Friday March Match054.79
6 Apr  Friday April Match3456.25
13 Apr  Friday April Match3461.63
20 Apr  Friday April Match4064.68
27 Apr  Friday April Match4069.90
4 May  Friday May Match3361.15
9 May  Wednesday All Comers047.92
11 May  Friday May Match1753.29
25 May  Friday May Match1756.52
1 Jun  Friday Gustavson Medallions044.10
8 Jun  Friday Gustavson Medallions051.90
15 Jun  Friday Gustavson Medallions2863.37
22 Jun  Friday One Day Match3461.94
27 Jun  Wednesday All Comers1353.84
6 Jul  Friday July Match4061.75
11 Jul  Wednesday All Comers4063.99
13 Jul  Friday July Match1754.27
20 Jul  Friday July Match3462.11
25 Jul  Wednesday All Comers4059.72
27 Jul  Friday July Match3462.83
3 Aug  Friday August Match651.82
8 Aug  Wednesday All Comers4060.31
10 Aug  Friday August Match052.94
17 Aug  Friday August Match1755.48
22 Aug  Wednesday All Comers4065.42
24 Aug  Friday August Match4065.63
31 Aug  Friday August Match653.66
5 Sep  Wednesday All Comers2055.00
7 Sep  Friday September Match4066.88
21 Sep  Friday September Match3363.69
28 Sep  Friday September Match4064.37
31 Oct  Wednesday All Comers3057.50
2 Nov  Friday November Match1255.78
9 Nov  Friday November Match4063.67
16 Nov  Friday November Match3465.96
23 Nov  Friday November Match4065.92
28 Nov  Wednesday All Comers046.53
30 Nov  Friday November Match1753.21
7 Dec  Friday December Match4066.24
14 Dec  Friday December Match3361.00
21 Dec  Friday December Match2461.83
7 Jan  Casual Holiday Bridge 2018 2019058.63

Divisional C points: 0
Total C points: 1294
Average percentage: 58.8
From 52 sessions

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Handicap record 2018


This shows the handicap at
the end of each two-month
period, which is then used
in handicapped events for
the next 2 months.