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Programme of events

Main events

  • Club Championship (Thursday 7.10pm)  
  • Open Division (Thursday 7.10pm)  
  • Senior Division (Thursday 7.10pm)  
  • Intermediate Division (Wednesday 7.10pm)  
  • Junior Division (Wednesday 7.10pm)  
  • Women’s Pairs (Wednesday 12.55pm)  
  • Friday Duplicate (Friday 10.20am)  
  • Teams (Monday 7.10pm) 

Calendar of events

January 3Casual Holiday Bridge 2023 2024
8Casual Holiday Bridge 2023 2024
10Intermediate Two Night Match
10Junior Two Night Match
11Open Two Night Match
11Senior Two Night Match
17Intermediate Two Night Match
17Junior Two Night Match
18Open Two Night Match
18Senior Two Night Match
24Intermediate Summer Pairs
24Junior Summer Pairs
25Open Summer Pairs
25Senior Summer Pairs
28Tournaments Otago Festival Pairs
31Intermediate Summer Pairs
31Junior Summer Pairs
February 1Open Summer Pairs
1Senior Summer Pairs
2Friday February Match
3Casual Saturday Night
7Intermediate Summer Pairs
7Junior Summer Pairs
7Women's Individual Championship
7Women's Pairs Blanche Wolken
7Women's Pairs Championship
8Open Summer Pairs
8Senior Summer Pairs
9Friday February Match
12Teams Qualifying
14Intermediate Trix Robertson Plate
14Junior John Lawson Plate
15Open Jack Finigan Cup
15Senior J S Asher Plate
16Friday February Match
21Intermediate Vice President's Pairs
21Junior Revision Night
21Women's Individual Championship
21Women's Pairs Blanche Wolken
21Women's Pairs Championship
22Open Vice President's Pairs
22Senior Vice President's Pairs
23Friday February Match
26Teams Qualifying
28Intermediate Vice President's Pairs
28Junior John Lawson Plate
29Open Vice President's Pairs
29Senior Vice President's Pairs
March 1Friday March Match
2Casual Saturday Night
6Intermediate Vice President's Pairs
6Junior John Lawson Plate
6Women's Individual Championship
6Women's Pairs Blanche Wolken
6Women's Pairs Championship
7Open Vice President's Pairs
7Senior Vice President's Pairs
8Friday March Match
11Teams Qualifying
13Intermediate Pairs Championship
13Junior Pairs Championship
13Wednesday All Comers
14Club Pairs Championship
14Club Pairs Plate
14Senior Pairs Championship
15Friday March Match
17Tournaments Womens Refuge Charity Pairs
20Intermediate Pairs Championship
20Junior Pairs Championship
20Women's Individual Championship
20Women's Pairs Blanche Wolken
20Women's Pairs Championship
21Club Pairs Championship
21Club Pairs Plate
21Senior Pairs Championship
22Friday March Match
25Teams Qualifying
27Intermediate Easter Pairs
27Junior Easter Pairs
27Wednesday All Comers
28Open Easter Pairs
28Senior Easter Pairs
29Friday March Match
31Tournaments Cat Rescue Dunedin Fundraiser
April 3Intermediate Easter Pairs
3Junior Easter Pairs
3Women's Individual Championship
3Women's Pairs Blanche Wolken
3Women's Pairs Championship
4Open Easter Pairs
4Senior Easter Pairs
5Friday April Match
6Casual Saturday Night
8Casual Interdivisional Easter Week
8Teams Qualifying
9Casual Interdivisional Easter Week
10Casual Interdivisional Easter Week
10Intermediate Easter Pairs
10Junior Easter Pairs
10Wednesday All Comers
11Casual Interdivisional Easter Week
11Open Easter Pairs
11Senior Easter Pairs
12Friday April Match
13Tournaments Otago Autumn Teams
14Tournaments Otago Autumn Intermediate Pairs
14Tournaments Otago Autumn Pairs
17Intermediate Trix Robertson Plate
17Women's Individual Championship
17Women's Pairs Blanche Wolken
17Women's Pairs Championship
18Open Jack Finigan Cup
18Senior J S Asher Plate
19Friday April Match
22Teams Qualifying
24Intermediate Pairs Championship
24Junior Pairs Championship
24Wednesday All Comers
25Club Pairs Championship
25Club Pairs Plate
25Senior Pairs Championship
26Friday April Match
May 1Intermediate Pairs Championship
1Junior Pairs Championship
1Women's Individual Championship
1Women's Pairs Blanche Wolken
1Women's Pairs Championship
2Club Pairs Championship
2Club Pairs Plate
2Senior Pairs Championship
3Friday May Match
4Tournaments OS Interprovincial Intermediate Trials
4Tournaments OS Interprovincial Trials
5Tournaments OS Interprovincial Intermediate Trials
5Tournaments OS Interprovincial Trials
6Teams Qualifying
8Intermediate Autumn Pairs
8Junior Autumn Pairs
8Junior Revision Night
8Wednesday All Comers
9Open Autumn Pairs
9Senior Autumn Pairs
10Friday May Match
11Casual Saturday Night
15Intermediate Autumn Pairs
15Junior Autumn Pairs
15Women's Individual Championship
15Women's Pairs Championship
15Women's Winter Pairs
16Open Autumn Pairs
16Senior Autumn Pairs
17Friday May Match
19Tournaments Otago Junior Pairs
20Teams Championship
20Teams Continuation
22Intermediate Autumn Pairs
22Junior Autumn Pairs
22Wednesday All Comers
23Open Autumn Pairs
23Senior Autumn Pairs
24Friday May Match
29Intermediate Trix Robertson Plate
29Women's Individual Championship
29Women's Pairs Championship
29Women's Winter Pairs
30Open Jack Finigan Cup
30Senior J S Asher Plate
31Friday May Match
June 1Tournaments OS Provincial Teams
2Tournaments OS Provincial Pairs
5Intermediate Pairs Championship
5Junior Pairs Championship
5Wednesday All Comers
6Club Pairs Championship
6Club Pairs Plate
6Senior Pairs Championship
7Friday Gustavson Medallions
8Casual Saturday Night
10Teams Championship
10Teams Continuation
12Intermediate Pairs Championship
12Junior Pairs Championship
12Wednesday All Comers
13Club Pairs Championship
13Club Pairs Plate
13Senior Pairs Championship
14Friday Gustavson Medallions
19Intermediate Winter Pairs
19Junior Winter Pairs
19Women's Individual Championship
19Women's Pairs Championship
19Women's Winter Pairs
20Club Pairs Plate
20Open Winter Pairs
20Senior Winter Pairs
21Friday Gustavson Medallions
24Teams Championship
24Teams Continuation
26Intermediate Winter Pairs
26Junior Revision Night
26Junior Winter Pairs
26Wednesday All Comers
27Open Winter Pairs
27Senior Winter Pairs
28Friday MidWinter Party
July 3Intermediate Winter Pairs
3Junior Winter Pairs
3Women's Individual Championship
3Women's Pairs Championship
3Women's Winter Pairs
4Open Winter Pairs
4Senior Winter Pairs
5Friday July Match
6Casual Saturday Night
8Teams Championship
8Teams Continuation
10Intermediate Trix Robertson Plate
10Junior John Lawson Plate
10Wednesday All Comers
11Open Jack Finigan Cup
11Senior J S Asher Plate
12Friday July Match
17Intermediate Pairs Championship
17Junior Pairs Championship
17Women's Individual Championship
17Women's Pairs Championship
17Women's Winter Pairs
18Club Pairs Championship
18Senior Pairs Championship
19Friday July Match
22Teams Championship
22Teams Continuation
24Intermediate Pairs Championship
24Junior Pairs Championship
24Wednesday All Comers
25Club Pairs Championship
25Club Pairs Plate
25Senior Pairs Championship
26Friday July Match
31Intermediate Trix Robertson Plate
31Junior Welcome Pairs
31Novice Class Bridge
31Women's Individual Championship
31Women's Pairs Championship
31Women's Winter Pairs
August 1Club Pairs Plate
1Open Jack Finigan Cup
1Senior J S Asher Plate
2Friday August Match
3Casual Saturday Night
4Tournaments Otago Swiss Pairs
5Teams Championship
5Teams Continuation
7Intermediate Trix Robertson Plate
7Junior Welcome Pairs
7Wednesday All Comers
8Club Pairs Plate
8Open Jack Finigan Cup
8Senior J S Asher Plate
9Friday August Match
14Intermediate Trix Robertson Plate
14Junior Welcome Pairs
14Women's Individual Championship
14Women's Pairs Championship
14Women's Winter Pairs
15Open Jack Finigan Cup
15Senior J S Asher Plate
16Casual Friday
16Friday August Match
19Teams Championship
19Teams Continuation
21Intermediate Spring Pairs
21Junior Spring Pairs
21Wednesday All Comers
22Open Spring Pairs
22Senior Spring Pairs
23Friday August Match
28Intermediate Spring Pairs
28Junior Spring Pairs
28Women's Individual Championship
28Women's Pairs Championship
28Women's Spring Pairs
29Open Spring Pairs
29Senior Spring Pairs
30Friday August Match
September 2Teams Championship
2Teams Gold
2Teams Silver
4Intermediate Spring Pairs
4Junior Spring Pairs
4Wednesday All Comers
5Open Spring Pairs
5Senior Spring Pairs
6Friday September Match
7Casual Saturday Night
11Junior John Lawson Plate
11Women's Individual Championship
11Women's Pairs Championship
11Women's Spring Pairs
12Club Pairs Championship
12Senior Pairs Championship
13Friday September Match
16Casual AGM Session
16Teams Championship
16Teams Gold
16Teams Silver
18Junior John Lawson Plate
18Wednesday All Comers
19Club Pairs Championship
19Senior Pairs Championship
20Friday September Match
25Wednesday Teams
25Women's Individual Championship
25Women's Pairs Championship
25Women's Spring Pairs
26Open Congress Pairs
26Senior Congress Pairs
27Friday September Match
October 2Wednesday Teams
3Open Congress Pairs
3Senior Congress Pairs
4Friday October Match
5Casual Saturday Night
7Teams Championship
7Teams Gold
7Teams Silver
9Intermediate Alma Delahunty Pairs
9Junior Alma Delahunty Pairs
9Wednesday All Comers
10Open Alma Delahunty Pairs
10Senior Alma Delahunty Pairs
11Friday October Match
16Intermediate Alma Delahunty Pairs
16Junior Alma Delahunty Pairs
16Women's Individual Championship
16Women's Pairs Championship
16Women's Spring Pairs
17Open Alma Delahunty Pairs
17Senior Alma Delahunty Pairs
18Friday October Match
21Teams Championship
21Teams Gold
21Teams Silver
23Intermediate Alma Delahunty Pairs
23Junior Alma Delahunty Pairs
23Wednesday All Comers
24Open Alma Delahunty Pairs
24Senior Alma Delahunty Pairs
25Friday October Match
26Tournaments OS Congress Int Pairs
26Tournaments OS Congress Open Pairs
27Tournaments Halloween Fundraiser
27Tournaments OS Congress Int Teams
27Tournaments OS Congress Open Teams
30Intermediate President's Pairs
30Junior President's Pairs
30Women's Individual Championship
30Women's Pairs Championship
30Women's Spring Pairs
31Open President's Pairs
31Senior President's Pairs
November 1Friday November Match
2Casual Saturday Night
4Teams Championship
4Teams Gold
4Teams Silver
6Intermediate President's Pairs
6Junior President's Pairs
7Open President's Pairs
7Senior President's Pairs
8Friday November Match
8Tournaments Loveblock NZ Wide Pairs
13Intermediate President's Pairs
13Junior President's Pairs
13Women's Individual Championship
13Women's Pairs Championship
13Women's Spring Pairs
14Open President's Pairs
14Senior President's Pairs
15Friday November Match
18Teams Championship
18Teams Gold
18Teams Silver
20Intermediate Christmas Pairs
20Junior Christmas Pairs
21Open Christmas Pairs
21Senior Christmas Pairs
22Friday November Match
27Intermediate Christmas Pairs
27Junior Christmas Pairs
27Women's Individual Championship
27Women's Pairs Championship
27Women's Spring Pairs
28Open Christmas Pairs
28Senior Christmas Pairs
29Friday November Match
December 2Teams Championship
2Teams Gold
2Teams Silver
4Intermediate Christmas Pairs
4Junior Christmas Pairs
5Open Christmas Pairs
5Senior Christmas Pairs
6Friday Christmas Party
8Tournaments Nina Hewitt Christmas Pairs
9Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
11Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
11Women's Pairs Christmas Party
13Friday December January Match
16Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
18Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
23Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
January 6Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
8Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
10Friday December January Match
13Casual Holiday Bridge 2024 2025
17Friday December January Match
24Friday December January Match


Information about lessons

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Other events

Check the notice boards for announcements.

  • Saturday Bridge: Open to all grades and to visitors.
    Dates for 2021 are: 6 Feb, 6 Mar, 10 April, 1 May, 12 June, 3 July, 7 Aug, 4 Sept, 2 Oct, 6 Nov.
    Time 7.00 pm. Please be seated by 6.50 pm.

  • Holiday Bridge: Played in December and January.

  • Charity Events:
    Womens Refuge Dunedin: Sunday 17 March 2024

    Sessions begin at 1.10 pm. Please be seated by 1 pm.
    You need to arrange a partner. Good prizes and raffles.