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Rambo and Landy lecture 1 April 2014

NZ Bridge

  • 2007laws :   Download (PDF 247KB)
  • Bulletin Announcing 2 May 2013 :   Download (PDF 108KB)
  • Bulletin Youth IPs for 2013 May 3 2013 :   Download (PDF 96KB)


  • BridgePad Directing Seminar :   Download (PDF 123KB)
  • BridgePad Players Notes :   Download (PDF 57KB)

Discussion of Hands

  • 2010 06 21 PlayAndDiscuss :   Download (PDF 52KB)


  • Slow Play is Selfish Play :   Download (PDF 58KB)

    This article appeared in a 2006 “Table Talk”. It offers suggestions on how to develop good playing habits to keep the game moving and ways to “catch-up” if necessary.


  • Jump Overcalls :   Download (PDF 41KB)

    This article briefly describes the differences between weak and intermediate jump overcalls and is intended for Junior players. (From a handout at an ALP lecture.)

  • Overcalls and Doubles :   Download (PDF 86KB)

    Notes from a lecture on overcalls and takeout doubles, given at the Club on Tuesday evening 20 March 2007.

  • Transfers :   Download (PDF 42KB)

    A short summary of transfer sequences after a 1NT opening, intended for Junior players wishing to advance their bidding system. (From a handout at an ALP lecture.)

  • Weak Twos :   Download (PDF 40KB)

    This is a brief description of weak two bids which contain 6 card suits and is intended for Junior players wishing to switch from strong twos. (From a handout at an ALP lecture.)

Club Documents

Lessons Material

1 - 2015 Introduction Series L1 Notes

2 - sample hands 1

3 - Reverse Bid Em Ups

4 - Transfers Bid Em Ups

5 - Answers to Reverse Bid Em Ups

6 - Answers to Transfer Bid Em Ups