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From the Club’s photo album...

2014 Intermediate Prizegiving

Pairs Championship (stick)

Matthew Baird & Bradley Johnston

One Night Match (E/W pair)

Donella O’Dea & Joy Batts

Winter Pairs (stick) & Easter Pairs (handicap)

David Larsen & Lesley Larsen

Winter Pairs (handicap)

Chris Justin & Jean Shelton

Autumn Pairs (stick)

Paul Spain & Bradley Johnston

Autumn Pairs(handicap)

Georgie Christie & Avril Power

President’s Pairs (stick)

Arralyn Ibbitson & Bradley Johnston

President’s Pairs (handicap)

Jennifer Macmillan & Eleanor Westoby

Spring Pairs (stick)

Matthew Baird & Judith McKinlay

Christmas Pairs (stick)

Arralyn Ibbitson & Gretchen Kivell

Summer Pairs (stick)

Bradley Johnston & Matthew Baird

Fred Peters Memorial Cup (highest score: 75%)
Shirley Ford Trophy (highest score over all Divisions)

David Larsen & Lesley Larsen

Two Night Match (stick)

Bradley Johnston

Two Night Match (handicap)

David Rawson

Easter Pairs(stick)

Matthew Baird

Alma Delahunty Pairs

Alice Booth (and Ian McCutcheon)

Congress Pairs (handicap)

Phyll Esplin & Paul Martin

Halliday Cup (reverse C points)

Lesley Larsen

Trix Robertson Plate
(ladder stick)

Bradley Johnston

John Lawson Plate
(ladder handicap)

Arralyn Ibbitson

Grants Scotch Whisky Cup
(most C points)

Bradley Johnston